Monday, December 29, 2008

Classic OR Modern Architecture

It's not an advertisment

why quite everyone likes McDonald's even the fats.

McDonald's, the largest fast food chain in the world and the brand most associated with the term "fast food," was founded as a barbecue drive-in in 1940 by Dick and Mac McDonald. After discovering that most of their profits came from hamburgers, the brothers closed their restaurant for three months and reopened it in 1948 as a walk-up stand offering a simple menu of hamburgers, French fries, milkshakes, coffee, and Coca-Cola, served in disposable paper wrapping. As a result, they were able to produce hamburgers and fries constantly, without waiting for customer orders, and could serve them immediately; hamburgers cost 15 cents, about half the price at a typical diner. Their streamlined production method, which they named the "Speedee Service System" was influenced by the production line innovations of Henry Ford. The McDonalds' stand was the milkshake machine company's biggest customer and a milkshake salesman named Ray Kroc traveled to California to discover the secret to their high-volume burger-and-shake operation. Kroc thought he could expand their concept, eventually buying the McDonalds' operation outright in 1961 with the goal of making cheap, ready-to-go hamburgers, french fries and milkshakes a nationwide business.
Kroc was the mastermind behind the rise of McDonald's as a national chain. The first part of his plan was to promote cleanliness in his restaurants. Kroc often took part at his own
Des Plaines, Illinois, outlet by hosing down the garbage cans and scraping gum off the cement. Kroc also added great swaths of glass which enabled the customer to view the food preparation. This was very important to the American public which became quite germ conscious. His motto "If you have time to lean you have time to clean" can still be heard in the ears of crew workers today. A clean atmosphere was only part of Kroc's grander plan which separated McDonald's from the rest of the competition and attributed to their great success. Kroc envisioned making his restaurants appeal to families of suburbs

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My favorite singers

the first one is Jon Bon Jovi (one of the best rockers ever) lets see some of his photos and listen to one of his songs.

the next rocker who i like is Mtallica you can

eather listen to his songs or download free in

you can also watch one of his video right now

i also like pop music the one who i really admir is CHER

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sometimes the best adventures are in your own back yard.

To make a holiday of lifetime you don't need to have a holiday abroad. On a journey from Tehran (capital city) to north east, we past through a lot of cities, as we traveled by car, it gave us the freedom to go as we pleased, so we drifted along North, Ardebil, and Tabriz.
Passing through Rasht, I enjoyed watching the Caspian sea and the coniferous forest and also smelling the rich fragrance of rice planted in flooded paddy fields and feel happy getting back to nature , but we were not for unwinding trips, we didn't spend a long time there.
We had a night stopover in Astara and as we preferred a self-catering accommodation, we stayed the night in a nice chalet. The next morning, I spent some hours wandering around the Bazaar, because a friend, who had had a journey to Astara one week before our journey, had recommended me. Unfortunately I spent a fortune on fake make up stuffs, which made me feel really naïve and angry with the unscrupulous shopkeeper.
Unfortunately Ardebil was as scorching as Tehran, which we really didn't expect. So after sightseeing we left there hopping have a cooler time in the historic spa town, Sarein, All I saw there were bathrooms, health spas, and shops. Most of the shops were selling traditional yoghurt soup which just contained yoghurt, leek, chickpea, and rice but worth to try, because it was a complete new taste for me, but again I was disappointed with unprincipled and opportunistic landlords who wanted to take advantages of full hotels and inns and overcharge tourists and travelers by accommodation prices, a dirty room with no facility cost about fifty five dollars per night!
Tabriz Bazaar's one of the oldest and biggest traditional bazaars with the aroma of herbal remedies in most parts, which attracts a lot of tourists. The city had a highly qualified tourism sector which helped us visit it without any problem and also obliging people who really liked to help tourists know the city more and fined ancient monuments easily.
If I have the chance of getting around these cities once more, I like to have a trip to Tabriz and go sightseeing.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The red houses village

Have you ever been in red houses village? A village might always not remind us of green color and grass smell, in a trip to Abyaneh, color was the first thing that attracted my attention. All the houses and walls even the temples were red, because the soil contained iron. One of seventh incredible Iran's villages with people in different colored costumes that still today dress and make their houses like their ancestors to preserve their traditions. A 22 kilometer narrow paved road from Kashan to Abyaneh, every kilometer far from the city we were, tens of kilometers closer to the village, tranquility and & we were. It was quite in the middle of spring and despite the fact that in Tehran we hadn't got much rain, there had been just two or three dry days, and also the day we were there was a stunning rainy day, in the blink of a eye it turned to a sunny day and a fantastic rainbow which I'd been waiting to see for more than fifteen years in Tehran's sky made a memorable day for me. A gallant and placid man with some bread in his hand who treated us with great amiability was the first villager that I saw there, without knowing us, he started talking about the village and showing us around, of course after offering bread, after a short walk we saw some women with ruddy cheeks selling homemade sundried fruit, fruit paste and special traditional scarves which they all wearing the same, to respect them we bought some delicious sundried fruit. Another different surprising thing is about different occasions , specially Ashora, when they all gather in the village even their young children , who are mostly educated and live or study in cities , also wear costumes and have a very special mourning for imam Hussein , which attracts a lot of tourists who are seeking something out of ordinary . If I go there once more, I'd like to be there in fall, to see the whole village even the trees in warm colors. I'd never forget its friendly and extrovert people, fantastic views, and the breezy weather