Thursday, May 29, 2008

The red houses village

Have you ever been in red houses village? A village might always not remind us of green color and grass smell, in a trip to Abyaneh, color was the first thing that attracted my attention. All the houses and walls even the temples were red, because the soil contained iron. One of seventh incredible Iran's villages with people in different colored costumes that still today dress and make their houses like their ancestors to preserve their traditions. A 22 kilometer narrow paved road from Kashan to Abyaneh, every kilometer far from the city we were, tens of kilometers closer to the village, tranquility and & we were. It was quite in the middle of spring and despite the fact that in Tehran we hadn't got much rain, there had been just two or three dry days, and also the day we were there was a stunning rainy day, in the blink of a eye it turned to a sunny day and a fantastic rainbow which I'd been waiting to see for more than fifteen years in Tehran's sky made a memorable day for me. A gallant and placid man with some bread in his hand who treated us with great amiability was the first villager that I saw there, without knowing us, he started talking about the village and showing us around, of course after offering bread, after a short walk we saw some women with ruddy cheeks selling homemade sundried fruit, fruit paste and special traditional scarves which they all wearing the same, to respect them we bought some delicious sundried fruit. Another different surprising thing is about different occasions , specially Ashora, when they all gather in the village even their young children , who are mostly educated and live or study in cities , also wear costumes and have a very special mourning for imam Hussein , which attracts a lot of tourists who are seeking something out of ordinary . If I go there once more, I'd like to be there in fall, to see the whole village even the trees in warm colors. I'd never forget its friendly and extrovert people, fantastic views, and the breezy weather

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