Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chicken soup for the mother's soul

Jack Confield, Mark Victor Hanson,
Jennifer Read Hawthorne, Marci Shimoff
It’s a book with 101 moving short stories that commemorate the pleasure of motherhood and makes you laugh, chuckle and cry. It has ten chapters with appropriate titles like miracles, a mother guiding hand, grandma’s love and etc.
Skilled speakers spoke to thousand of women the world over about their success , personal growth and self development to publish the book.
These short stories are gathered to mark the great moments of motherhood and will go down well with mothers of all ages.
The book has been lauded by many readers and it’s full of touching, compelling and page turner short stories that you can finish each in a short time and it’s a good idea to have the book in your bag always, although when you start, one is never enough and you will at least read two or three stories.
Being based on true stories makes some of the stories very evocative that will definitely call up some memories and also reading about other people’s adventures and mishaps during their parenthood makes the readers realize that many wonderful things had also happened to them, as the stories are not very heavy going the reader will go into them very easily.
You will probably find most stories gripping and dazzling and appreciate your own mother more and more after reading this book.
I recommend you read it and also give it to your mother to read, and then she might feel much better about her own kids.
By lilia blue

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