Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Staring: Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles,
John Govin, Martin Balsam

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Running time: 109 minute

Horror, Thriller

One of Hitchcock’s great masterpieces, which surely keep you on the edge of your seat while watching, is definitely psycho, a novel and memorable movie that you cannot forget easily.
This movie has been universally lauded by many movie watchers and detractors, like many of Hitchcock’s other movies.

The movie is intent upon stealing forty thousand by Marion crane, a young secretary who is in real need of money to save her romantic life with Sam Loomis. In the way running away from the city that she has been living and working for long, she decided to stay the night in a motel and totally unaware that her plan will be spoilt soon and she won’t see the tomorrow’s sunrise. Motel owner, Norman Bates, whose strange hobbies are taxidermy and talking about his mother, is actually the leading role and also his portrayal of a mama’s boy is really terrific and admirable.
Astonishingly the movie doesn’t lose its effect even knowing about the plot and what’s going to happen and its cliffhanger ending can surprise anyone.
It’s a gripping movie which plays on your sympathy and incredibly makes you feel sorry for both the murderer and the victim who is guilty of stealing money it also keeps you in suspense and it’s very intriguing.

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Lafunga said...

So you liked the movie Psycho.
Yep it was a good movie.